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Happy Onam 2016 Wishes in Hindi

Happy Onam is one of the finest festival of Kerala people. As you know onam is celebrated on 13th September 2016. As onam is coming many of you are looking for  Happy Onam Wishes in Hindi,Happy Onam Wishes in English,Happy Onam Wishes in Tamil,Happy Onam Wishes in Malayalam and Happy Onam Wishes in Kannada. In this post i am going to give you some onam wishes for this onam 2016.

In this post we will first outline some happy onam wishes in Malayalam and happy onam messages in Malayalam. By using this post we all can now send some wishes to your friends and family members. Try to share these posts with your favorite ones. We wishes you a very happy onam days ahead.

Happy Onam Wishes in Hindi

Below we are going to provide you with some Happy Onam Wishes in Hindi and Happy Onam Wishes in Telugu. You may wonder by these awesome posts which has a collection of Happy Onam Wishes. Happy Onam Wishes in Punjabi and Happy Onam Wishes in Marathi is yet another one.
Kaṭavuḷ uṉṉai ācīrvatikkaṭṭum
vaṇṇa, ōṇam, viḷakkukaḷ
cantōṣamum makiḻcciyum uṅkaḷ vīṭṭil nirappa.
Oru makiḻcciyāṉa ōṇam vēṇṭum

bhagavaan aapaka bhala kare
rang aur onam kee roshanee
khushee aur ullaas ke saath apane ghar bharane ke lie.
ek khush onam kee hai.
Dēva tumhālā āśīrvāda śakēla
raṅga āṇi ōṇama divē
ānanda āṇi ānanda āpalyā gharī bharā.
Ēka ānandī ōṇama āhē.
aap ek bahut khush onam chaahate hain, maee bhagavaan
tumhen aasheervaad aur khushee ke saath apane dil bhar
khushee. maee rang aur onam kee roshanee
khushee aur ullaas ke saath apane ghar bharane ke lie.
sabase sundar onam hai .

aap meree tasveer hoga!
agar main ek kavi the ,
tum meree prerana ho jaega!
agar main ek lekhak tha ki tum meree kahaanee hogee !
lekin main keval ek kaartoonist hoon!
hansate rahen!
onam ka aanand len!
So these are the happy onam wishes and onam messages for Facebook. Just share the post and also check out other related posts in our exclusive blog. Also post your valuable comments about our blog.


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